“This recipe is very popular to most Vietnamese people, it always made me remember my mom's cooking. Snapper is very delicious fish and not fishy, easy to prepare & very delicious for cold weather.”

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  1. Seasoning: mix lemongrass, chili pepper, tumeric powder & chicken bouillon together.
  2. Cut a few lines on the surface of snapper: this will help the snapper absorbs the seasoning easier.
  3. Apply the above season all over snapper. Leave it from 15-30 minutes The more you leave, the taste will be great.
  4. Heat the pan, pour the oil. Leave it few minutes until the oil turns hot. Put the snapper into the pan, after 5 minutes, turn to another side for another 5 minutes. Reduce hit to medium, check it often to make sure it is not burning. Depends on the side of snapper, fry it within 15-20 minutes or until completely cooked.
  5. Serve with white rice.
  6. NOTE: I prefer to use fresh lemongrass as it is strong smell & taste. The frozen lemongrass will not bring to you the authentic taste & smell of this dish. - I always use chicken bouillon to season all my foods as it does not make your food salty like salt and very easy to season the food too.

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