“I make these all the time...whenever I feel like it! Right now I'm on Weight Watchers and a DOUBLE hot dog with this sauce is a mere 9 points! (I looked it up, don't worry.) I use fat-free turkey links, but they're from Ballpark, so they taste like the real deal, and low-fat potato rolls. The sauce is nothing more than...well, you'll find out! Whenever you want to jazz up a hot dog, make these. They're great cold, too.”
4 hot dog meals

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  1. Take your buns and spread a little margarine on them. Toast them if you'd like.
  2. Spread the spices on them, mixing to make sure they have a nice, red coloring!
  3. Take your hot dogs and make sure they're thawed out. Cut a small cross in the ends of each hot dog and small slices in the middle, but DON'T CUT THROUGH! This will make your hot dogs plump up even more and curl up!
  4. Grill your hot dogs outside or in -- I have a George Foreman Grill that I love to use when it's rainy. Make sure they've got lots of yummy grill marks!
  5. Set your hot dogs in the buns when they're finished, two in each bun, and enjoy!

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