Spicy Shrimp and Scallop Alfredo

“This just came to me when trying to figure out what to do with 1 lb of large shrimp and about 10 large scallops! I used what I had in the fridge, and if I had some fresh mushrooms I would've added them also that is why they are optional in the ingredient list. The picture I took is actually from the day I created the dish”

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  1. sprinkle shrimp and scallops on one side with garlic powder.
  2. place 1 T olive oil and 1 T butter in large non stick skillet and quickly saute shrimp over medium heat on both sides until shrimp turns pink. remove and set aside in a bowl.
  3. add scallop 1/4s and saute untill opague and has a little brownish sear on a few of the sides remove to the shrimp in bowl.
  4. in hot pan add remaining butter (leave any cooked bits and juices from shrimp and scallops) saute onion, and mushrooms in butter until tender.
  5. add sundried tomatoes and let cook about 2 minutes.
  6. pour in cream and let cook 2 minutes, add garlic let cook 2 minutes.
  7. add crushed red pepper, cayenne, and salt stir well.
  8. add parmesan cheese and reduce heat to medium low.
  9. add shrimp and scallops (and any juice that collected in he bowl) stir well to coat everything.
  10. add brocolli and pasta toss well, raise heat to medium or medium high just to throughly heat everything through.
  11. serve with a little sprinkle of parsley.
  12. enjoy.

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