“This is a VERY easy recipe - and delicious! I modified the original recipe to be more low-salt-friendly. This recipe is diet friendly and inexpensive to make! I use the frozen, cooked shrimp rings and toss the coctail sauce it come with; or the bags of salad shrimp in the frozen food section.”

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  1. If needed, remove shrimp tails/shells. In skillet, coat bottom with a little olive oil or non-stick spray. Add shrimp (can be cut into smaller, bite-size pieces) and green onion. Let simmer while you are doing this next step.
  2. Add to your reserve liquid the mustard, lemon juice, parsley flakes, cayenne pepper, garlic and onion powders. Mix well and add to simmering shrimp. Add in your stewed tomatoes and tomatoes and chilis.
  3. Prepare your rice as directions on box suggest.
  4. Turn heat to medium and simmer til half of liquid is gone and rice is done. You can adjust spices here to suit your taste. I usually add a little more garlic and salt, but taste and modify as you would like.
  5. Serve shrimp and sauce over rice.

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