Spicy Thai Eggplant & Tofu

“This meal is quick, easy and is very pleasing to the palate. It's always a hit in my house. My brother, who is a vegetarian made this for me a few years ago and I have added a little to it. Thanks Trev!”

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  1. Put water on to boil according to rice noodle directions.
  2. Food prep: Slice tofu into bite sized pieces, cut eggplant into bite sized pieces, dice onion & mince garlic.
  3. In a large skillet, add EVOO, garlic and onions. Allow to cook for 2 minutes to soften.
  4. Add tofu, eggplant, brocoli, spice & enough peanut sauce to coat (this should all simmer for about five minutes).
  5. When noodles are finished, add noodles to mix and toss in peanuts and/or cashews as well as more peanut sauce if needed to coat.
  6. Bon apetit!
  7. *I use the microwave bags of brocoli to keep from dirtying another dish. Also, my husband likes chicken in his, so I will sometimes cook a chicken breast in the EVOO before preparing the meal and then slice that up to add to his bowl.

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