Spinach and Anchovy Pie (Torta Ta L-Ispinaci U Ncova)

“I am a native of the Island of Malta and my mother used to do this every now and then. You can also find this in what they call Pastizzeria where they sell cheese and pea cakes and spinach and anchovy qassatat...”
1hr 30mins

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  2. pile flour and salt on clean surface and make a well in centre.
  3. add yeast and sugar in tepid water & mix with fork.
  4. leave for few min and add into the well.
  5. using fork and circular movement, bring flour from inner edge of the well and mix into water.
  6. when dough comes together, knead with hands until you have smooth springy dough.
  7. flour top of dough and cover it with cling film and let it rest for 15min in room temperature.
  9. heat olive oil on a medium to low heat.
  10. when hot pour onions and cook until transparent (stir occasionaly).
  11. pour in basil and cook for 2 minute.
  12. add spinach and stir well.
  13. turn heat on low and cover pot.
  14. Stir occasionaly.
  15. when spinach softens, add anchovies including oil and stir well.
  16. finally add black olives, stir well and switch off heat.
  17. taste before adding salt
  18. (and pepper) since anchovies are salty.
  19. uncover pot and allow to cool before outting it on top of the dough.
  20. preheat oven at 350 deg F.
  21. Prepare a baking container and apply butter on every side then put some flour and cover all sides. discard excess flour.
  22. roll open dough, lay it on dish.
  23. pour filling.
  24. cover filling with dough.
  25. when done fork surface of pie and brush with egg.
  26. cook until dough is golden brown.
  27. serve cool or warm.

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