Spinach Casserole With Cheese Souffle Topping

“Posted for ZWT IV, from The New German Cookbook.”

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  1. For the Spinach mixture:.
  2. If using fresh spinach, steam for 3-5 minutes in a large saucepan; drain and chop. If using frozen, thaw and press out excess moisture.
  3. Spread chopped spinach in a buttered 6-cup casserole that is at least 2 3/4 in deep.
  4. Scatter the chopped hard-boiled eggs on top if using. Set aside.
  5. Preheat oven to 375.
  6. For the souffle topping:.
  7. Melt the butter in a small heavy saucepan over moderate heat, blend in the flour, then add the milk and cook about 3 minutes, stirring constantly till thickened and smooth.
  8. Add the cheese, salt, pepper, sugar and nutmeg and cook, stirring constantly, just till the sauce bubbles up and cheese melts.
  9. Remove the sauce from heat and cool 15 minutes, whisking often to prevent a skin from forming on the surface. Blend in the egg yolks.
  10. Beat the egg whites till stiff. Stir a heaping tablespoon of them into the sauce to lighten it, then fold in the balance gently but thoroughly.
  11. Pour the souffle mixture into the casserole on top of the spinach and bake, uncovered, for 35-40 minutes, till puffed and lightly browned.
  12. Serve at once before the souffle topping begins to deflate.

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