Spinach, Quinoa, Vegetable Soup (Vita Mix)

“A healthy, protein-rich variation of Spinach Soup using a Vita Mix or blender. Absolutely delicious with no bitterness. Easily modified for vegetables you like or have readily on hand. Quinoa is a very healthy grain that counts as a protein, rather than just carbs!”
8 1 cup servings

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  1. Briefly steam fresh spinach approx 5 min, until wilted & tender. Cook quinoa in seperate saucepan until liquid absorbed, approx 10-15 minute Saute garlic and onion in small pan with butter or olive oil until onion is clear & tender.
  2. In Vita Mix or blender, puree carrots & celery. Add tender onion & garlic and spinach. Puree all together. Add cooked quinoa and process on high until quinoa is liquified. May need to use a small amount of the chicken stock in Vita Mix or blender.
  3. In large soup pot combine remaining chicken stock and spinach, vegetable & onion puree, and quinoa puree. Heat until warm.
  4. (If needed, return portions of the spinach, vegetable, quinoa and chicken stock to Vita Mix to puree further. Fill Vita Mix container or blender container only 1/2 full at a time--be sure lid is on tightly so hot soup does not splash out at you! Process on high until soup is frothy and creamy.).

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