“This smoothie (or a variation of it) has sustained me for breakfast, lunch, pre-workout and post-workout as I trained for my first marathon.”
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  1. I have a blendtec blender that will grind up most anything--you can try this with a normal blender but the almonds and dates may not blend up as well. Make sure blender is dry and add flaxseeds and grind them up to a powder then add almonds and do the same. Add spinach, protein powder, and dates and then add water until you can see the water line 3/4 full in the container. Run through the “whole juice” cycle twice to make sure the dates are pureed. Each cycle is 45 seconds long. Pour the contents into 4-quart sized containers—they should each be about 2/3 full. Blend the bananas and pineapple with about a cup of water to keep things moving in the blender and add equally to the 4 containers. Blend up the blueberries with some water and mix into the quart containers. I’ve also added, an avocado, strawberries, oranges or organic apples in place of the blueberries or if I don’t have enough blueberries—just to make enough to fill up the rest of the containers. This will keep for about 2-3 days in the fridge but freezes well if you need to store it longer.

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