“Husband won't eat Seaweed? Can't find nori anywhere? Want a quick snack or finger food? Spinach Sushi Rolls are very verstile! Use any veg. you like. Prep time includes refrigeration (for easy cutting). Adapted from a recipe book, 'Cocktails & Finger Food: A Survival Guide to Easy Entertaining'”
15-20 1in. rolls

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  1. Preparation: Wash rice and drain well. Add rice and water to pan, bring to the boil, reduce heat & simmer, uncovered, until the water is absorbed. Turn heat off and cover rice firmly with kitchen foil, for 4 - 5 minutes Leave to cool, then stir in the combined rice vinegar, sugar and salt. Place spinach leaves in a bowl, and pour over boiling water. Let stand for 30 seconds then strain.
  2. Layer half the spinach leaves on a tea-towel. Overlap to form a base 20 x 30cm.
  3. Place half the rice on top of the spinach, moisten hands or flat knife with a little vinegar and spread rice to cover spinach, leaving 1" uncovered at the top.
  4. Spread a thin line of wasabi along the rice, 1" from the bottom. Top with your choice of meat & 2 vegetables.
  5. Roll up firmly from the bottom, using the tea-towel or damp hands (like a Swiss/Jam Roll).
  6. Repeat above steps with remaining ingredients.
  7. Refrigerate for 30 minutes. Remove from fridge/tea-towel. Cut into 1" sections with a sharp knife.
  8. Serve with soy sauce for dipping, and extra wasabi for those who like it HOT.

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