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“Awesome barbecue sauce. I stole it from an Air Force buddy a few years back and modified it to be a little spicier by using chili powder instead of dry mustard. Everybody tells me my ribs are the best they've ever had. I use the spiciest chili sauce I can find (Thai stuff usually works great), and a Korean chili powder called go-chu-ga-ru. Substitutes are listed in parentheses below. If you want it little milder, use more ketchup and less chili sauce. I also use this sauce to make a pretty mean beef brisket, and plan to try brushing it onto wings.”
3hrs 5mins
8 lbs ribs

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Cut the ribs into sections containing 2-3 bones each.
  2. Place ribs into a roasting pan and cover.
  3. Roast low (250-300) until meat is thouroughly cooked (about 3 hours).
  4. Combine ingredients for sauce in a large bowl.
  5. Place ribs onto broiling pan or gas grill.
  6. Brush sauce onto ribs and either broil or grill on high heat, rotating often.
  7. You want the sauce to carmelize, but not to burn.
  8. Keep brushing on sauce until it's all gone.

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