“Once you make this once you will keep making it over and over!! This recipe was passed down from my grandma to my mother then to me! You all know you cant go wrong with grandmas recipes!! Very simple and you family and friends will love it... It is not one of those overwhelming rich deserts that you cant eat much of....very light and fluffy a sure hit!! Something to remember.....is save about 4 T of the crust to sprinkle on top. I have also substituted strawberry jello and yogurt for orange, blueberry, lemon.....etc!! Enjoy!!”
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  1. Mix all crust ingredients together and press into a 13'' x 9'' pan. I use a food processor to crumb my gram crackers.
  2. Then mix your crust layer until it is the consistency of frosting and spread it over your crust. Put in refrigerator until you are ready for topping.
  3. In a big bowl have your Cool Whip waiting to add jello mixture to. Be sure you have the extra 1 C of Cool Whip waiting on the side. Then boil 1/2 C water and add your jello -- mix well with fork -- then add yogurt. Add that mixture to your Cool Whip -- FOLD with spoon or rubber spatula (DO NOT USE BLENDER IT WILL NOT SET UP! LEARNED THAT FROM EXPERIENCE)! After that is mixed well and there is no residue at the bottom add on top of your crust layer.
  4. Now put that in the refrigerator for 1 hours Add final cup of Kool Whip to the top of strawberry mixture. The add your extra crust crumbs on top of that! Your done, enjoy!
  5. I would love to know what you think of this recipe please let me know! I will post pictures soon!

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