Strawberry Fruit Dip and Crepes Filling

“Every time I make this, I want to eat it with a spoon. It's creamy but not too rich, thick and refreshing. You can dip fruit in this (bananas, apples, etc) cookies, cake, crepes, ice cream... oh, gosh, anything that goes with strawberries! My favorite way to eat this is to tear off pieces of a desert crepe and scoop up about a teaspoon at a time.”
4 cups

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  1. Pour strawberries into a microwave safe bowl and thaw in microwave (about 2 1/2 minutes, tossing every 30 seconds), or let them sit in the frig overnight to thaw.
  2. Cut berries into 1/2-inch pieces; set aside.
  3. Cube cream cheese into a medium mixing bowl: add powdered sugar and vanilla.
  4. Using whisk beaters, mix on medium speed until fluffy.
  5. Remove bowl from mixing stand.
  6. Pour strawberries and any accumulated liquid over creamy mixture and fold in.
  7. until completely mixed.
  8. Optional: blend berries in blender or food processor before folding into cream to make a smooth dip.
  9. Serving suggestions: Toss with fruit to make a fruit salad; serve with dessert crepes, pancakes or waffles, either as filling or topping; pour over vanilla ice cream; use as the cream element for a smoothie; spoon over chunks of sponge cake; use as a dip for cookies, fruit, broken pieces of ice cream cone; etc.

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