“This is being posted for the great strawberry recipe swap and for Rita who I know will perk up her ears when she sees it! I havent tried it and am not much of a liqueur person but the recipe says that it is a vivid red cordial with the fresh taste of strawberries.”
937hrs 15mins
1 quart

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  1. Wash and stem the berries.
  2. In a bowl crush the berries and sugar together.
  3. Let stand for 1 hour.
  4. Transfer mixture to a clean 2 qt container.
  5. Add vodka, water, lemon juice, and zests.
  6. Cover and let stand in a cool dark place for 2 days, shaking several times each day.
  7. Press the mixture through a fine mesh sieve, discard solids.
  8. Transfer the liqueur to a clean container.
  9. Cover and let stand for 1 week.
  10. Filter into a decorative bottle with a tight fitting lid.
  11. Age for at least 1 month before serving.

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