“I have combined two of my favorite things to invent this tasty martini. I have tinkered with it a bit now and i'm quite satisfied with my creation. I hope you enjoy this too! The trick to selecting strawberries is to pick the darkest red strawberries you can. The darker red, the sweeter they seem to be. Only the deepest red strawberries will truly do this justice!”

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  1. Prep martini glasses by either putting them in the freezer to frost or rimming them with sugar.
  2. To rim a glass with sugar slice a very ripe, or over ripe strawberry 1/2 way through and gently wipe it around the edges of the glass so the juice just barely coats it.
  3. Now turn it upside down into a shallow dish filled with sugar.
  4. In a shaker put clean, hulled strawberries in bottom and mash with a wooden spoon until they are very well smashed.
  5. Add fresh Ice to fill the shaker and add the vodka, strawberry syrup and about 1 tsp sugar or more depending on your sweet tooth.
  6. Shake for about 20 seconds until well mixed.
  7. Now pour into the prepped glasses, garnish and serve!

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