Strawberry Nut Salad

“My mom gave me this recipe and it comes from a PTA cookbook which is at least 45 years old. Our family is now twice removed from those origins in Western Pennsylvania - first to NJ and now to Maine. Sometimes going back to your roots is a very good thing.”
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  1. Day (or about six hours) before:.
  2. In large saucepan, combine jello with boiling water, stirring until dissolved. Fold in strawberries with juice, drained pineapple, bananas and nuts.
  3. Pour 1/2 of mixture into 13x9" baking dish for 1st layer. Refrigerate until firm (about 90 minutes).
  4. Spread top evenly with sour cream. Gently spoon on rest of strawberry mixture and refrigerate. For best results, keep refrigerated until serving.
  5. When I was shopping for the ingredients for this dish I realized that you could probably use other combos of fruit and jello flavors - I think I'll experiment next time. It could also be made to fit any diet by using artificially sweetened fruit and low fat sour cream.

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