“Our good friend, Sandy Miller, made this salad when we were staying with them. I was surprised to see that peanut brittle was in the salad, but my husband and I were claiming that it was the best salad that we had ever eaten with the very first bite! We said that it might have been because we had not had any sweets since we had given them up for Lent, but we have had this salad many times since then and it is always a pleaser. The dressing is outstanding and I have made many variations using the dressing. I will say that peanut brittle is sometimes hard to get and I have substituted a peanut butter crunch that I found at one of our Kroger's. The recipe calls for 1 can of french fried onion rings, but that won't go through so I am putting the 3 oz bag and you can put on for the amount of salad. Also the original recipe called for a box of peanut brittle, but I just put some in a baggie and crushed it with a rolling pin. It makes a lot of dressing and when I make it for just my husband and I we can usually have 2 -3 salads from the 1 recipe.”

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  1. Toss lettuce and strawberries.
  2. Just before serving add crumbled onion rings and crumbled peanut brittle and toss with dressing.
  3. I have used Mesclun from my garden (Spring mix) - mix of young tender lettuce varieties and a sprinkling of arugula and we love those flavors.
  4. Another variation is that I substitute an apple for the strawberries and toasted pecans for the peanut brittle.
  5. I have also used the dressing over fruit (strawberries, mandarin oranges, apples, etc.) and topped with toasted pecans.

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