“Aubergines filled with chickpeas, raisins and a lightly spiced couscous”

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  1. Preheat the oven to 200C / 400°F Halve the aubergines and create a criss-cross pattern by scoring the flesh well, using a sharp knife. Sprinkle a little salt on each half and then lay them on a baking tray, skin-side down and cook for around 30minutes.
  2. Preheat the grill. Halve the pepper and discard the seeds and the stalk. Place the pepper under the grill with the skin-side facing upward and allow it to char. This should take between 5-10minutes, so keep an eye on it and remove once the skin has blackened completely. Put aside and leave to cool.
  3. Once the aubergines have cooked and are cool enough to handle, use a serrated edge knife to cut out the aubergine flesh. Allow around 1cm / 1/2inch of the flesh to remain, creating an aubergine shell, suitable for filling. Use a spoon to help scoop out the flesh.
  4. Put the aubergine shells aside and dice the remaining flesh.
  5. Pour the couscous into a bowl and cover with 100ml tepid water. Place the bowl in warm area for 20minutes (e.g. oven - now turned off - used to cook aubergines).
  6. Meanwhile, turn on the stove and heat the vegetable stock in a large pan or wok. Add the cumin seeds and allow to cook for about 30seconds before adding the aubergine flesh, red onion, garlic, raisins and courgette. Cook for about 5minutes before putting a lid over the pan and leaving to cook for a further 15minutes, remembering to stir every so often.
  7. By now, the pepper should have cooled enough to touch. Gently peel away the blackened skin and roughly chop up the flesh. Add this to the pan and stir in the chickpeas. With the lid now removed, continue to cook for a minute before turning off the heat and putting aside.
  8. Remove the couscous from the warm oven and use a fork or your hands to fluff and separate the grains. Add the basil and mint and combine. Finally season with salt and pepper and mix it into the aubergine mixture.
  9. Divide between the aubergine shells, allowing about a quarter of the mixture per shell. Reheat the oven and bake each shell for 10minutes. Once ready, place two halves on each plate, top with some basil leaves and serve.

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