“I was reading a recipe yesterday on zaar, and since it was so easy, I didn't print it. I made it when I got home, added some extra things, and now that I'm looking to review (I didn't save--smart move!) I can't find it! so I'm posting this because I thought it was a great burger. Feel free to add ingredients, or take out, according to your tastes. I used everything listed and only eyeballed the ingredients.”

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  1. I actually made a spicy mayo for this burger mixing mayonnaise with cayenne pepper, paprika, black pepper, and just a little Tabasco. I didn't include it in the recipe, but am listing it here for those who would like to try it as well.
  2. In a mixing bowl, mix the ground beef, scallions, cayenne pepper, salt, pepper, Tabasco sauce (as much as you like) and then shape into 12 thin patties.
  3. On top of 6 patties, mound up the bacon, then the cheese. Top with other patties and seam together at edges, just pressing with fingertips.
  4. Grill or pan fry burger (whatever you prefer)until desired doneness.
  5. Spread the mayo on the bottom bun and place a patty. Top with whatever you'd like and enjoy.

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