“This is one of my favorite recipes. It's very easy to adapt to your own tastes. I found the recipe on the back of a package of chard seeds I purchased years ago. I have changed the recipe here and there, as it originally called for lamb and no one in my family likes it. I hope you enjoy it. it takes some work, but it is the most delicious entree I've ever cooked! *Note: you can substitute yogurt for the sour cream for a lighter meal, the change is not noticeable in the overall meal*”
15 bundles

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  1. Mix meat filling ingredients well and set aside.
  2. Immerse chard leaves, 4-5 at a time, in boiling water until limp. Drain well, discard water.
  3. Lay chard leaves out flat. Mound meat filling in center. Fold sides of leaves over center, then fold top and bottom over. Roll each leaf into a compact bundle.
  4. Finely chop reserved chard leaves. Melt butter over medium heat and saute onions and chopped chard until onion is soft.
  5. Lay chard bundles on top of sauted vegetables, add chicken stock and sprinkle with lemon juice. Drizzle 1-2 tbsp of olive oil over bundles.
  6. Simmer until done, approximately 35 minutes, over low heat.
  7. To serve, place a few bundles in a bowl and pour the broth into the bowl until they are half-covered. then put a double or two of plain yogurt or sour cream on top. Enjoy!

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