“There are many way of stuffing chicken, this one is my invention after being bored with stuffing my mother used to make.”
2hrs 30mins
5 portions

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  1. Pick up nice chicken making sure the skin is not damaged. Carefully separate skin from meat but not remove (you are going to put stuffing inside). Season it with salt.
  2. To make stuffing first sauté finely sliced onion on butter. When soft and transparent add mushrooms.
  3. Dried wild mushrooms soak 10 minutes in water. Slice pancetta into small cubes. Slice chicken liver into small pieces.
  4. When mushrooms loose water, add pancetta and at the end chicken livers. Sauté it until livers becomes gray. Put it on cool place to cool it a bit.
  5. Add yolk (or two if you have a lot of stuffing) grounded nutmeg, salt, pepper, bread crumbs, minced parsley leaves, sour cream. Mix well to make a stuffing (it must not be too creamy).
  6. Put stuffing inside the chicken and surplus between skin and meat (the best is between legs and breasts). Firmly close or sew up all holes with thicker thread. Tie legs together.
  7. Preheat the oven up to 220°C Pour melted lard (oil) over the chicken and put it in the oven. Bake it on 220°C about 20 minutes than reduce heat to 180 - 200°C and bake it 60 to 80 minutes (depending how large the chicken is – 1kg = 60 min). About 20 minutes before end bake it on 220°C.

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