Sugar-Free Peanut Butter Pie

“My own creation,which is not only almost totally sugar-free, but lower in carbs. It's a wonderful, fattening tasting dessert which pleases even those who can have sugar! Tip: This dessert can also be layered in large dessert glasses, using the same layering as the pie, first layer is the 'crust', then pudding mix, topped with cool whip, drizzled with melted chocolate, and sprinkled with crushed peanuts.”
3hrs 15mins
1 pie

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  1. Prepare one pecan crust.
  2. Blend together the pecan, and melted butter.
  3. Pack it firmly into a pie pan with your hand.
  4. Bake in a 350°F oven until lightly brown.
  5. Remove and cool.
  6. Filling:.
  7. Whisk together the pudding mix and milk until Creamy.
  8. Add 1/2 cup Cool Whip, and the peanut butter. Mix throughly.
  9. Pour into the baked, and cooled pie shell, cover with the rest of the Cool Whip.
  10. Put in freezer for 1 hour to set.
  11. Melt the two squares of chocolate.
  12. Remove pie from freezer and drizzle with melted semi sweet chocolate, and the crushed peanuts.
  13. Cover and chill 2 hours before serving.

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