Sunny's Style Homemade Pizza...on the Stone

“When I was going to school at ASU, I was manager of a pizza and pasta joint called Sunnys. Since then the ownership has changed and last time I was there the pizza was awful but in its hey day watch out... My mom makes great dough but mine lacks so I buy a doughball for a buck down the street it's your option. Also the recipe shows for pepperoni but go nuts. Just remember, if you are using fresh spinach put it on under the cheese or it will burn.”
12 Slices

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  1. Rub handful of cornmeal on stone.
  2. Put stone in oven, heat to 450.
  3. Rub flour/cornmeal onto large surface to roll pie.
  4. Roll out dough using pin or can or whatever.
  5. Transfer to pizza peel letting dough hang over sides.
  6. For Sauce, mix all sauce items in blender.
  7. Refrigerate allowing to thicken.
  8. With wooden spoon apply sauce to cover dough.
  9. Add Cheese liberally, Add toppings.
  10. Pull dough edges over to make crust
  11. Sauce should be inside crust.
  12. Turn heat down to 425 and transfer to stone.
  13. Cook 13 minutes pushing down crust twice
  14. Crust should be firm to touch.
  15. Remove and let stand 5 minutes.
  16. Cut into slices.

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