“This is a must for fruit lovers with a sweet tooth. Don't let the bbqing fool you these peaches are sweet and delicious. I first used this recipe from a marborlo cookbook enjoy”
8 peach halves

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  1. first take the vanilla, cinnamon and honey and mix together in a plastic bag (gallon size works best) or bowl (you can cut the corner of a plastic bag to make a simple pour spout to cover the peaches later) you can also add a little amaretto or any other sweet flavored liquor that would go well with honey and cinnamon.
  2. If you have not halved and pitted your peaches now is the time, if you wish to remove the discolored area around the pit you can but it is not neccessary to the recipe.
  3. Place peaches into the honey mixture and let sit in the fridge until coals of your BBQ are at medium heat (thick ash slightly glowing 20-30 minutes after fire goes out or after you have cooked your main course).
  4. when you are ready to have dessert remove peaches reserving honey mixture and place on the grill, let them sit for 2 minutes on each side (i place the skin side down first as the peaches will get a little mushy and will not sit on their backs to well after that).
  5. after peaches are cooked place them into serving dishes of your choice.
  6. place warm strawberry preserves into the vacant pit and top with ice cream and drizzle with extra honey mix.
  7. (if you used a plastic bag and cooked all the peaches reseal and cut one of the bottom corners to use like a pastry bag).
  8. just remeber the peaches are warm so the ice cream will not want to stay on but if you like this recipe as much as i do the peach wont last very long.

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