“I love mabo tofu! I had used package sauces from the local asian store that provided choice of chinese, japanese or thai mabo sauce. My favorite was the thai one, which provided more flavor and more sauce as compared to my second choice of the japanese one which was too thick and didn't have much zing quality. The Asian store, however, kept running out of supply, and I started searching for recipes. I found one that seemed similiar to my preferred style, and then modified it with ideas from the ingredients listed on the packaged sauce. Make it slightly spicy to spicy hot.”

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  1. Cut tofu into bite-sized squares. Set aside. Heat oil to medium-high, and fry garlic, chili peppers and green onion. Add ground beef. When meat changes color, and is only slightly pink, lightly stir in tofu, soy sauce, sugar, thai sweet chili sauce and chili powder. Cover with lid and cook 10 minutes. Add sesame oil now, or sprinkle on lightly just before serving, if preferred. Add cornstarch mixture. Mix, continuing to cook for a few minutes, and stir as needed. Serve over jasmine rice.

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