Tecumseh Calling (Chicago Deep Dish Style Pizza)

“this another family made recipe that they love to make up on weddings and very special occasions or when just to butter up everyone else on the Rez:)”
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  1. Don't forget to use our special family recipe deep dish style pizza for the Pizza dough.
  2. Combine spinach, cheese, Canadian bacon, oregano, garlic,buffalo meat, moosemeat and mushrooms for stuffing mixture. Spread dough in a greased deep-dish pan and up the sides for the bottom crust (approx. 16 oz. dough for 14" deep-dish). Par-bake the crust for four minutes. Add stuffing mixture to bottom crust in deep-dish pan and cover with top crust (approx. 13 oz. dough). Seal the two dough edges together with fingers and trim excess. Slit the top crust to allow steam to vent during baking. Add tomato sauce topping and bake in preheated 450° F oven on lower rack or directly on the pizza stone for 45 minutes or until crust is golden brown. Remove from pan and cool 5 minutes on a wire rack before cutting and serving.

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