“I tried to get some fresh produce the other day and it was all puny. I decided to try making a soup with the veggies I had in cans. This was the result of that experiment. I woke up this morning to a house at a whoppin' 68 degrees, so I made soup figurin it would warm us up. The soup did the trick to say the least. I hope you guys enjoy it. We have a lot of spices and we like very intense spice, but you can doctor it to your personal tastes.”

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  1. I shall tell you the way i did this, but I think there may be a more effective way. you could reserve liquid and add water and seasoning to create a broth. Ad veggies after a little boiling so they will not get to mushy. This soup is tasty as is but considering they are all canned might work this other way.
  2. drain and rinse navy beans.
  3. pour into large pot over low heat.
  4. add ranch style, kidney and black beans including their juice.
  5. add drained carrots, peas and corn.
  6. add undrained green beans and stewed tomatoes.
  7. add tomato sauce.
  8. stir ingredints together.
  9. chop and add onion.
  10. season to taste throughout cooking.
  11. heat through and serve.

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