Tequila Lime Pineapple Salsa

“Saw this in People magazine while I was in a waiting room. I will have to find someone from whom to scrounge some tequila, as I don't normally buy that. If you buy jalapenos ahead of time, they will turn red - much cheaper than buying the red ones. I try to pick a couple that are already turning, but are still in the green bin. Recipe from Border Grill in LA. Please note that the nutritional information will be off, as you use only half of the pineapple.”

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Remove rind from pineapple, core, and cut into 1/2 inch thick slices.
  2. Combine tequila, 1 tbl lime juice, and pineapple. Marinate for 30 minutes.
  3. Drain and toss with brown sugar.
  4. Coat saute pan with canola oil and heat on medium high. Add pineapple slices and cook, turning frequently, until caramelized, about 6 minutes. Dice half of the slices into 1/4 inch pieces. (Refrigerate remaining slices for another use. I would probably not bother marinating half of the slices to begin with).
  5. Combine the diced pineapple with the remaining lime juice and the rest of the ingredients in a bowl. Let salsa sit for 30 minutes before serving.

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