“I recreated this from a dinner I had at Perkins one night.It's a lemon peppered filet that is then glazed with teriyaki sauce (so yummy!!!) This recipe is for the fresh salmon version-but I'll include my "cheaters version"using frozen filets-for those nights you want salmon-but don't have much time.The Glaze really "makes" this dish.”

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  1. Season the salmon with the lemon pepper seasoning (honestly-I do not measure-I just shake on the seasoning)Cut salmon into serving portions.
  2. Hint:Remove skin if you prefer(which I do) but skin can be left on-just season both sides and cook top side down first(display side).
  3. Place salmon in heated pan (I use medium -high heat to start,then go down to medium)-with a small amount of olive oil.
  4. If leaving the skin on-place fish in the pan skin side up.
  5. Cook until flesh becomes flaky,forming a crust from the olive oil and seasoning.
  6. Flip and cook few minutes more until desired doness.
  7. Pour prepared teriyaki sauce over filets in the last few minutes to warm.
  8. Serve with your favorite seasoned rice and a nice salad.
  9. Cheaters method:
  10. I just purchase Gordon's frozen Lemon Butter salmon filets-heat according to direction (i do cheat and use the microwave method as stated on the box).
  11. Pour on some teriyaki sauce-warm and serve.

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