The Childerz Smoked Gouda and Bacon Omelette

“I was sifting idly through ingredients in my fridge one morning, when Divine Inspiration or something like it struck, and I came up with the most winning combination of ingredients, ever: Smoked Gouda and Bacon...and then I made an omlette. You can customize it in any way you like; adding different types of cheeses, meats, vegetables, minerals...there are myriad possibilities. I like it simple.”

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  1. Firstly, fry up your bacon until it's crispy, in a frying pan set on medium heat.
  2. Remove from pan. (If you're health conscious, or you just don't like to eat grease, pat the bacon with a paper towel to remove some of the grease.) After it's cooled, crumple into smallish pieces and set aside.
  3. Dump most of the grease out of the pan, but reserve about a tbsp or so in which to cook the eggs.
  4. Crack the two eggs in a separate bowl and whisk with milk, salt, and pepper until a bit frothy. (The milk makes the omlette fluffier, but isn't necessary).
  5. Pour into the pan. Top with the smoked Gouda and bacon.
  6. Cook until the bottom of the omlette (the part in contact with the pan) has become a light shade of brown, then attempt to flip one side of the omlette over, folding it in half.
  7. Continue frying until the eggs are cooked through and the cheese is nice and melted.
  8. Put it on a plate, and enjoy.

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