The Perfect Fusion Style Pasta Pomodoro

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“I came up with this recipe after years of altering my own family recipe. This one is a keeper!! Not for the quick-cook chef. The recipe does go into incredible amounts of detail however every word is important when making the perfect pasta. The trick is to use only the freshest ingredients, nothing tinned, dried etc...”

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  1. With a large pot on medium/low heat BEGIN a full boil of water with about 4 Heaped TSP Sea-Salt OR 2 Heaped TSP Table-Salt covering with a Glass lid.
  2. With a heavy saucepan on maximum heat BEGIN a full rapid boil of water.
  3. Remove garlic husk with a large knife by crushing it with the blunt side of a knife-blade, apply force to center. Remove husks.
  4. Meanwhile, clean the fresh basil WITHOUT a knife. Pull the basil leaves off the stems separating through the center to avoid the stem bits and bruising.
  5. In a mortar or a steep bowl add HALF the cleaned basil, A clove of garlic and the Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Grind and Pound gently but firmly with a pedestal or a wooden spoon until the oil turns green and the basil all become bruised, remove garlic and discard bruised basil. We'll use this later on --
  6. With the saucepan on the rapid boil, add tomatoes, cover and lower heat to avoid over boiling.
  7. Meanwhile, grate the Cheddar and Parmesan cheese on a medium size, chop ricotta randomly yet crumbly.
  8. Mix the Vintage Cheddar with the Parmesan in a small bowl.
  9. With the large pot on the rolling boil add Egg Fettuccine to the boil, taste the water to determine the saltiness of the pasta add water or salt to taste.
  10. When the tomato skins begin to look very "pruney" or very creased, remove to colander/strainer and cold shower until cool enough to remove skin. The skins should come right off, just squeeze the tomato. Don't worry about losing some juice.
  11. On a large chopping board with peeled tomatoes turn tomatoes facing down and chop triangularly around the center avoiding the center core. These are hard and tasteless, you don't want these. The Tips should remain attached to the core which should be discarded quickly. There should be no white in your sauce.
  12. Roughly chop the tomatoes into a sauce on a large chopping board OR pulse in blender for 2 seconds.
  13. (Caution, beware of high speeds for blenders as your sauce may become very acidic from the oxygen, if this happens use a teaspoon to remove white "scum" that floats to the top).
  14. Test Pasta and make mental note on the cooking time remaining.
  15. Finely chop all the garlic with a small knife or chef's knife, Finely chop the other half of the fresh cleaned basil with a sharper smaller knife avoid bruising.
  16. With a large pan or saucepan on maximum heat add normal olive oil, garlic and stir for 40 seconds or until it become fragrant, quickly add homemade chopped tomato puree, salt to taste, pinch white sugar, pepper and fry for about 2 minutes, remove from heat.
  17. Check your pasta, if ready, strain, light rinse and toss with HALF the Homemade Olive-Basil-Garlic Oil.
  18. Roughly chop half the Nuts.
  19. With a small pan on maximum heat, stir Nuts until they begin to brown/tan. We'll use this at the end --
  20. Toss the strained, oiled pasta with tomato pasta sauce, add Ricotta and HALF of the Mixed Cheese.
  21. Serve and Garnish with remaining ingredients, combining small amounts to determine flavor desired.

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