Toddler Chopped Salad for Toddlers Who Hate Salad

“Tonight was salad night in our house. Of course, with a 20-month old, that makes it tough to have the whole family involved. On a whim, I decided to let my daughter try the salad I was eating. She LOVED it! So, I gave her a couple tablespoons of mine. She scarfed that down and wanted more. Off to the kitchen I went to make her own salad for her. Now, my daughter is a picky eater, believe it or not. Since I started making recipes from this website, she's gotten quite adventurous, I must say. Anyway, she ate half of this recipe tonight in addition to the tastes she had from my salad. I'm still in shock. :D I hope your toddler likes this one as much as mine does.”

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  1. Throw all ingredients except the dressing on your cutting board and finely mince until all ingredients thoroughly mix and become sort of mushy and pasty.
  2. Drizzle enough dressing on the minced salad to give it a nice sweetness. Don't overdo it.
  3. Plate it and serve. YUM!

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