“Tofu and spinach... most people's reaction when they see those words is "Yuck!", but try this and see if your reaction is still the same :) This is an incredibly easy and tasty way to pack the benefits of spinach & the protein content of the tofu to picky eaters. Toss it into your pasta dish, replace tomato sauce on pizza with this, etc. My favourite way to eat is is spread on fresh bread. The measurements make it really easy to remember the recipe and you only need to use 1 measuring cup! I recommend you use firm tofu rather than silky because it is more nutritious. Make it ahead and have pesto on hand whenever you want it!!!”

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  1. Throw everything in a blender or food processor and blend until smooth and creamy. Add salt and pepper is desired (although I really don't think it's necessary).
  2. Using a tray for large ice cubes (usually 16), fill each individual hole with pesto. Cover and freeze. You should have some left over- keep that to eat fresh.
  3. Pop out a cube from the freezer when you're in the mood for pesto! 1 cube = 1 portions (approx.).

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