“This has a good flavour to go with many different dishes. I have made the amount of tomato paste variable depending on your taste - if you really like tomato flavour, try 1 1/2 to 2 tbs of tomato paste. Otherwise just try it with 1 tbs. I also tend to use an italian mix of herbs, but have also just used dried basil in the past and this works as well.”
3hrs 10mins
1 slice

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  1. Add ingredients in the order your bread machine manufacturer tells you to do so. I suggest using the basic setting for this bread. To aid in the mixing of the bread, I suggest combining the tomato paste with the water before adding it to the machine. Put the garlic in with the water too.
  2. You may add the herbs at the start, or when the machine beeps to add extras. I have found it doesn't make a great deal of difference.
  3. This may be enjoyed while still warm, or toasted, and is good just spread with butter or grilled with cheese on top!

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