Totally Awesome Pie Pastry

“This is from a Five Roses Flour Cookbook. I have no idea when it was printed; all I could find is '24th edition'. It is probably older than me .. over 31 years old; my Father had this cookbook and it was all torn up when I was a kid, but I found one a few years ago at Value Village. And of course the original name isn't Totally Awesome, it is called Standard Pastry.”
1 double crust

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  1. Mix Five Roses Flour, salt and baking powder together.
  2. Cut in shortening with two knives or pastry blender.
  3. Add ice cold water, a little at a time, using just enough to bind the mixture so the dough can be patted lightly to form a ball. HANDLE AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE.
  4. Form 2/3 of dough into a round disc and place on lightly floured board. Save remaining dough for top crust. Roll dough from center outward, with a light, even pressure, to form a circle 1/8 inch thick and an inch larger than the pie plate.
  5. Fold double and lift gently into pie plate. Unfold and fit loosely in place. DO NOT STRETCH.
  6. Trim edges, allowing 1/4 to 1/2 inch extra all around. Put in a generous amount of filling. Heap fruit filling in center because it will cook down during baking.
  7. Roll out top crust; fold double and cut slits or fancy design near center to allow steam to escape.
  8. Brush edges of bottom crust with water, fit top crust over filling and lightly press top edges together. Trim edges evenly and flute.
  9. Bake as directed for pie filling.
  10. Yield: One 9 inch double crust pie or two 9 inch single shells.
  11. Single Shell:
  12. Use only 1/2 of dough for each single shell. Arrange bottom crust in pie pan as above.
  13. Press pastry to rim of pie plate; flute.
  14. Add filling. Bake as directed for filling.

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