“This is an adaptation of my grandmother's recipe, who could whip it up by "eye-balling it". Keep in mind that these measurements are subjective and approximate. Recipes were meant to be tweaked, so adjust to your tastes! If you prefer a sweeter slaw, be heavier on the mayo. I like mine with a little tang, so this recipe has a fair amount of vinegar, but not so much to make it sour. [And no, I'm not breaking code by sharing this recipe. It's nothing top-secret, but it certainly is the best... Then again, maybe I'm just prejudiced...]”

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  1. 1. Grate the cabbage finely into a large mixing bowl. The second finest side of a four-sized grater is perfect. [Grated cabbage does give the slaw the best texture and doesn't make it as watery as food processors can. This is roughly half a cabbage, give or take.].
  2. 2. Lightly salt and pepper cabbage. Add the sugar. [The sugar brings out flavor; it does not sweeten the slaw.].
  3. 3. Add mayo, vinegar, and half & half, mixing well to emulsify.
  4. 4. Once well incorporated, taste and adjust. For sweeter slaw, add more sugar. Tangier slaw, more vinegar. Careful with liquid ingredients so the slaw isn't slushy.

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