“I work in an environment where I don't often get a lunch break, and while soups are an easy go to lunch...sometimes I need something I don't have to heat at all! With these I have something I can take and eat in between customers or phone calls, which is perfect since I don't have time to sit down to eat! I used turkey and ham, and totally cheated by purchasing the type that come with reusable containers which I then stored the pinwheels in. They were 10 oz packages. Feel free to use any combination of lunch meat that makes you happy! You could also use different flavors of cheese sticks too!”
20 Pinwheels

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  1. Unwrap your cheese sticks. Roll your mozzarella stick in the first lunch meat.
  2. 2. Roll into the second type of lunch meat. If you don't like the idea of mixing your meats, opt for a second piece of your first choice.
  3. I almost always get thin sliced meat, but if you didn't then you might only need the first layer.
  4. Cut into pieces. the end pieces can be hard to make sit flat in the container and sometimes didn't get both layers of meat. We eat these as we're cutting, but you could totally have a few more portions if you didn't do that.
  5. Serve. (or refrigerate for later!).

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