“The perfect cheese ball for November parties! Tastes great if you can get anyone to mess it up! Adapted from an idea on the cover of a Woman's World Magazine from 1996.”
1 cheese ball

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  1. Refer to picture frequently!
  2. Begin with a round cereal bowl which will fit on a decorative plate. Cover the bottom of the bowl with the port wine cheese spread and place it in the middle of your decorative plate. Make sure you don't use all of the cheese.
  3. Break one of the pretzel rods in half and insert the broken end in the cheese at the 6:00 position. This will be the turkey's neck and head. Cover the rod with cheese mounding the end a bit to suggest a head. If it wants to flop, prop it up in the back with a small cracker.
  4. Cover the turkey's throat and part of the back with almonds applying them in rows and slightly overlaping like shingles.
  5. Cover the lower neck with small crackers.
  6. Use the larger crackers and remaining pretzel rods as the turkey's feathers.
  7. Add the cloves as eyes, the cashew as beak and pimento as wattle.
  8. Serve with extra crackers.

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