“I have to have this recipe for Thanksgiving every year. With our family expanding every year with extended relatives I get to try different stuffings, but I always seem to keep coming back to my Mom's recipe every year!”
1 enough for a really large bird

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  1. Fry onion and celery in butter in the pan that you are going to be baking your turkey in, until the onion turns clear.
  2. Add all the other ingredients except the water, and mix well. I find that if I use day old bread and NOT dry bread, that I need to add very little or no water at all. You want the mixture to hold together loosely when you gently form a ball with it. Too much water and I find it is too mushy.
  3. Pack quite tightly into the cavity of your bird.
  4. If we have any leftover stuffing that doesn't fit in the bird, I will cook it in a seperate dish with the gizzards and heart on top for flavour, covered.

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