“A Russian-Mennonite dish similar to pierogies, but filled with cottage cheese, a defenite comfort food. Freezes well. This is a great vegetarian dish, as well! They are very filling! This is one of the adopted Recipezaar recipes.”
2hrs 30mins
40 vareniky

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  1. In a bowl, combine cottage cheese, onions (if using), 1/2 tsp salt, and egg yolks.
  2. Mix well with your hands until the cottage cheese is in fine curds.
  3. In a separate bowl, combine egg whites, milk, 2 tsp salt and flour.
  4. Mix together, adding flour as necessary until dough is stiff enough to roll out.
  5. Roll out dough (you may need to do this in two batches) to 1/8 inch thick on floured surface.
  6. Cut into circles 5 inches in diameter (use a cookie cutter, small bowl, or water glass to do this).
  7. (You could also use a pierogy maker.) Place 1 rounded tablespoon of the cottage cheese mixture on each circle.
  8. (If you put too much filling they won't stay together properly.) Fold the circle over to make a half circle.
  9. Pinch the edges tightly. You can dip your fingers in water if `the dough won`t stick.
  10. In a saucepan, bring 4 - 6 cups water to a boil.
  11. Add 1 tsp salt.
  12. Drop vareniky into boiling water a few at a time.
  13. Cook for five minutes.
  14. Remove with a slotted spoon and drain.
  15. Keep hot.
  16. Traditionally served with Cream Gravy: Melt 2 T.
  17. margarine or butter in a skillet.
  18. Optionally, saute one small finely chopped onion.
  19. Add 1 cup cream (or use evaporated milk, to keep the fat content lower) and salt and pepper to taste.
  20. Heat slowly, but do not boil.

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