“This recipe is from vegweb.com. I was pleasantly surprised as to how wonderful these turned out. Made them for my vegan boss for Bosses' Day for a nice fall treat. I upped the amount of fat and milk listed on the recipe because I ended up with sand instead of dough. The dough seems to be very "fixable," so if the dough isn't coming together for you, adjust fat, liquid, and leavening accordingly until you come up with the right consistency. Please do not leave me a negative rating because of this - when I followed the recipe as-is from the website, I had to adjust it - you may have to as well depending on your ingredients, kitchen temperature, climate. Regardless, these are delicious! Oh, and some were flatter than others - the slices that came to room temperature before baking turned out nicer than the ones put in the oven still cold. Thus, be sure to not skip the chilling and resting times.”
1hr 27mins
24 cookies

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  1. Whisk together dry ingredients in small bowl.
  2. In large bowl, beat shortening and sugar together.
  3. Beat in molasses.
  4. Beat in milk and vanilla.
  5. Gradually beat in flour mixture.
  6. It should be a barely crumbly mixture that is able to be pressed together.
  7. Press into ball and turn out onto sheet of plastic wrap.
  8. Make a cylinder shape with the dough that you will be able to slice into rounds later, wrap tight, and chill at least an hour.
  9. Preheat oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit.
  10. Remove from plastic wrap and slice into 1/4 inch rounds using a sharp knife.
  11. Arrange about an inch apart onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. If you are not using parchment paper, be sure to grease the cookie sheets.
  12. Arrange rounds on cookie sheet and/or parchment paper sheets, and allow to come to room temperature, about 15 minutes.
  13. Bake for 12 minutes. I baked each batch for 12 minutes exactly and that was the perfect time - just keep an eye on them. Enjoy!

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