“Most marshmallows are neither vegan or vegetarian, but here is a recipe that is.”

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  1. Soak agar-agar in ½ cup cold water until water is absorbed and powder is completely wet, about 10 minutes.
  2. Meanwhile, combine ½ cup cold water, 1¾ cup granulated sugar and ¾ cup corn syrup in saucepan and bring to a boil, stirring constantly over medium heat and taking care to prevent boiling over.
  3. Reduce heat slightly and continue cooking and stirring until sugar mixture thickens and forms a strand or ball in cold water. Immediately remove from heat and set aside.
  4. Heat agar-agar over medium heat and stir until agar-agar softens and dissolves.
  5. Spoon into mixer bowl.
  6. Add vanilla extract and, with beaters on high seed, slowly pour hot sugar mixture onto agar-agar.
  7. Continue beating on high speed for about 10 minutes, or until mixture turns white and resembles well-beaten egg whites.
  8. Combine cornstarch and confectioner's sugar in bowl.
  9. Generously sprinkle an 8 inch round baking pan with half of cornstarch mixture.
  10. Pour agar-agar mixture into pan.
  11. Sprinkle top with more cornstarch and sugar to coat well.
  12. After "marshmallows" firm up, slice into pieces, wrap in plastic and store in an airtight container in refrigerator, or serve.

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