Vegetable Beef Soup - Basic Recipe

“My mother never made soup from scratch so I never learned how. After trying a number of soup recipes from Zaar, I came up with this recipe as a guideline for a basic veggie beef soup. I often throw in whatever veggies I have around so the soup is never exactly the same two times running; however, soup-making isn't an exact science as is baking. I'm posting the recipe so that I can give it out easily; evidently, folks seem to really like it!”
1hr 5mins

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  1. Brown meat in large pot along w/ onions, celery, and carrots.
  2. Add remaining ingredients, bring to a boil.
  3. Reduce heat, cover and simmer 30-45 mins til veggies and barley are done.
  4. Note #1: I’ve been adding ½ cup pearl barley to the soup, which will be done in the amount of simmering time. Quick barley takes only 10 minutes to cook so you could add later.
  5. Note #2: I’ve found that adding pasta, while good at first, it continues to absorb the soup liquid and get really big and the soup becomes more like a stew. If you’d like noodles, I would cook them separately and add them to the bowl just before ladling in the soup.
  6. Note #3: You could also add rice, if you would like.

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