“Time Life Great Taste Low Fat”

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  1. Prepare the veggies. Take the squash and hold in one hand. Using the other take a sharp swivel vegetable peeler and run it down the length of the squash cutting off wide thin strips to create the vegetable ribbons.
  2. Take the white and light green parts of the leek and cut into 2 inch Julienne strips. Cut the peppers into thin strips. Cut the cheese into small pieces.
  3. Now In a deep nonstick skillet, heat oil til hot but not smoking over med heat. Add the leek, garlic and cook stirring frequently until the leek is softened about 7 minutes. Add the peppers, broth and cook until peppers are softened about 6 more minutes.
  4. Cook the pasta in a large pot of boiling water until just tender then drain.
  5. Add the Veggie Riboons to the skillet and cook until tender about 2 minutes. Stir in the remaining ingredients and cook until cheese melts [about 1 minute].
  6. Add pasta, toss and place on serving dish.
  7. Note times is active and passive not prep and cooking.
  8. Use young squash for less seeds.

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