“Very simple and very delicious. I use agave nectar or honey for sweetener. If you do not have dashi stock, water works but it won't have as rich a flavor. Chicken stock also works, but it can get salty with the shoyu. You can replace shoyu with any soy sauce, and you can replace mirin with a white cooking sherry.”
8 rolls

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  1. separate the cabbage into individual leaves (you will want 8 leaves). set aside.
  2. cut carrots into matchsticks. slice scallion into 1 inch pieces.
  3. mix all other ingredients. add carrots and scallions and set aside. let soak at least half an hour (the time it will take to prepare and cook the chicken) and up to four hours.
  4. slice the chicken into thin strips or bite sized pieces. this is most easily done still half frozen.
  5. mix all the rest of the chicken ingredients and heat in a wok or skillet. once the oil is hot, add the chicken and cook until browned.
  6. mix all the dipping sauce ingredients and heat to a low boil. remove immediately from heat and serve.
  7. to serve: place carrots and scallions into each cabbage leaf. top with chicken. roll the leaves around the filling (i leave the heart end alone and fold down the top, and then roll in the sides). serve with small bowls of the dipping sauce.

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