Whole Fruit Berry-Lime Popsicles

“In my quest to find a frozen treat that was lighter on sugar and had whole fruits in it as well as being low in calories I started experimenting. I didn’t want to use juice or kool-aid, I wanted the fiber from the fruit and a smooth creaminess in texture. An excellent snack.”
10hrs 10mins
6 popsicles

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  1. Have whatever you’re going to make your popsicles in ready, I use little 5 ounce paper cups and popsicles sticks from the craft store.
  2. Measure and thaw out your strawberries for a minute and a half in the microwave. You want them to give to the touch but not be cooked.
  3. Put the sugar, lime juice, and strawberries in a blender and start it up on low speed.
  4. Quarter your pineapple chunks while it’s blending.
  5. Once it’s all mixed don’t stop your blender, open up the little cap on the top and add a few pieces of pineapple letting them blend in a few seconds before adding more. You want it to incorporate, adding it all at once won’t give you a smooth texture. Oh, you might want to put the lid back on quick after each time, it has a tendency to shoot up when you start… but that’s part of the fun, right?.
  6. After all the pineapple is thoroughly blended in add a half a handful of raspberries at a time until blended in, repeat until they’re all in, your mixture will start to get thick being semi-frozen… you may have to let it sit and warm up a little as you add the raspberries. Make sure your mixture is blended well before you turn off and taste it. This is key, if it’s too tart for you or too sweet you want to adjust it now. A little more sugar or lime juice, you want to barely taste the lime. If your strawberries are tart this can mean putting in a little sugar for that as well.
  7. Pour equal amounts into five paper cups, if your mixture is pretty thick you can push in the sticks and they’ll hold themselves up and put in the freezer. If not freeze them for half an hour to an hour until the sticks will hold up themselves.
  8. I let them sit overnight so I know they’re completely frozen but you can judge for yourself when they’re done.

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