“I love summer stir fries using one or just a few fresh ingredients, no sauce (just salt) and minimal (or no) oil. The secret is in using a dry (but very well seasoned) wok to put a lovely sear on your fresh veggies. This technique works very well with baby eggplants, garlic scapes, jalapenos, bell peppers, mushrooms, even fresh pineapple. Hear I am searing Asian ingredients to create a kind of a fusion "succotash". My wife and I have both been missing succotash and I think that this is a successful fusion riff on this classic side dish.”

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  1. Using a dry towel, remove any dirt from the fresh Cremini mushrooms. Trim a very thin layer from the bottoms of the stems if desired, but leave the stems intact.
  2. When the wok is smoking, place the mushrooms in the wok. Using a wooden or bamboo spoon turn them periodically; you want a little color on most sides of the mushrooms from a light sear. You do not want them to give up their liquid.
  3. Remove the mushrooms and add the baby corn. Use the wooden or bamboo spoon to adust the ears so that every one of them is in contact with the hot wok. Flip the contents periodically, readjusting the ears after each flip. You want a little char on most sides of the ears, but you want them to remain mostly yellow. Think of grilled corn on the cob.
  4. Meanwhile, quarter the mushrooms, slicing through the stem.
  5. Remove the baby corn and add two tablespoons of refined coconut oil. Immediately add the Arbols (breaking each into two pieces if you want a little heat). After thirty seconds add the Edamame. Toss a couple of times to coat the beans with oil. Re-add the seared veggies, tossing a few more times. Stir frying is actually not required; The beans stay on the bottom, all you are doing is re-heating the seared veggies.
  6. When the beans have a little color it is time to plate. Dress with Maldon smoked sea salt and, if desired, two tablespoons of butter.

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