Ye Old Pub Grilled Steak (English/Uk)

“Years ago, I worked my way through college as a cook in a family owned Pub/Steak house in Savannah GA. This is a recipe for the searing sauce we would brush on the steaks just before taking them off the grill. The salty/sweet combination really enhances the flavors of the beef without being overpowering. I prefer ribeyes or T-bones, but this is good on any grilled beef.”

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  1. Mix soy sauce and honey. It's basically a one to one ratio, but you can adjust for sweet verses salty preferences.
  2. Warm the mixture on the stove until the honey is incorporated into the soy sauce. Keep warm until ready to brush on steaks.
  3. Salt and pepper the steaks. I use coarse ground black pepper and kosher salt.
  4. Place steaks on a HOT grill.
  5. For great looking grill marks:
  6. Place the meet on the grill at a 45 degree angle for 1/2 the cooking time for the first side. Turn 90 degrees for the remaining cooking time for the first side. Turn the steak over, again at a 45 degree angle for the first half, then turn 90 degrees and finish cooking. You should end up with diamond shaped grill marks.
  7. When meat is almost ready to come off the grill, brush with the soy sauce/honey mixture. Let it cook/sear on one side, then turn over and do the same to the other. Repeat as necessary to get a noticable glaze on the meat.
  8. Remove from heat and brush again (this is important).
  9. Let meat stand for 15 min before serving (also important).

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