“This recipe is from my friend Marie :o> and its way to yummy not to share! it's more "wet" then normal smoked salmon, so that makes it great on crackers, salads and just well, anything!!”
3hrs 30mins
3 lbs of fish

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. It is prefable to use apple or cherry wood in the smoker (we used apple).
  2. Recipe does about 3 lbs of fish (do about 6 lbs at a time) About 3 hours in the electric smoker (longer if you prefer).
  3. Rinse the filet salmon off and pat dry (we buy these slabs at Costco).
  4. Mix the Brown sugar and salt together and coat both sides of the filet.
  5. Cut into sizes you want and put in a zip lock bag and put in the fridge.
  6. flip over from time to time.
  7. We let ours set over night.
  8. Takes out of bag and rinse the carmelized stuff off, lay on the grills and sprinkle both sides with the Montreal Chicken Seasoning and the garlic powder.
  9. Keep the smoke going in the smoker and cook about 3 hrs.
  10. Check at the end and cook longer if desired or needed.
  11. Sometimes the thick pieces need to stay on a little longer.
  12. Let cool and store in zip locks or seal a meal type bags if you have it (it keeps longer that way).
  13. Alternate stuff to do, that we haven’t tried yet: Pour some Orange Juice in the bag just before putting in Fridge to marinate.
  14. Use Apple Juice Concentrate with smoking water in smoker.
  15. I think that’s all ya need to know to make a yummy yummy smoked salmon.
  16. Have fun.

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