Hungarian Mushroom Soup, from the Moosewood Cookbook

As I've said before, I LOVE mushrooms, so here is another great recipe using them. Make this with a variety of mushrooms,and hot paprika, or smoked paprika, very nice. This is from Marie on another recipe site. Mega suggested the following: "One thing I changed was to use an 8oz brick of low fat cream cheese instead of the milk and flour. " Give it a try! Show more

Ready In: 45 mins

Serves: 4




  1. Saute onions in 2 Tbsp stock, salt lightly.
  2. A few minutes later, add mushrooms, 1 tsp dill, 1/2 cup stock or water, soy sauce, and paprika.
  3. Cover and simmer 15 minutes.
  4. Melt butter in large saucepan.
  5. Whisk in flour and cook, whisking, a few minutes.
  6. Add milk and cook, stirring frequently, over low heat about 10 minutes - until thick.
  7. Stir in mushroom mixture and remaining stock.
  8. Cover and simmer 10-15 minutes.
  9. Just before serving, add salt, pepper, lemon juice, sour cream, and, if desired, extra dill (1 tsp).
  10. Serve garnished with parsley.
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